Funds Raised through the BMO Marathon Team!

Team Child of Mine competed on May 5 to raise funds for the new boy’s dormitory at one of the homes in India. A total of 23 runners and walkers were entered in either the 8Km, 21Km or 42Km race. The team had been training since January and were welcomed with perfect temperatures as they traversed Vancouver streets and Stanley Park. They came from Willow Park Church in Kelowna, Willingdon Church in Burnaby and Mike Gunn came all the way from India! 

The journey from start to finish resulted in some sore muscles but also much satisfaction in being part of a project which will have a lasting impact long into the future. And there are life lessons to be learned from pushing beyond what you think you can do. All competitors dug deep to find an extra bit of strength and endurance on race day and also during the cold and snowy training days.

Each team member challenged friends and family to be a part of the project by donating to the dormitory construction. A total of $35,000 has been raised this year! Thanks be to God and all those who gave from their hearts because they want to make a difference in India.

- Al Gillespie


The KCS Well Project

“We cannot do everything, and there is a sense of liberation in realizing that. This enables us to do something, and to do it very well. It may be incomplete, but it is a beginning, a step along the way, an opportunity for the Lord’s grace to enter in and do the rest.” – Romero

This past fall the city of Kelowna opened a challenge to students from schools across the city to develop and write an implementation plan for a development project of their choice- any type in any region of the world. One plan would be selected for a $5,000 grant to help see it to completion.

Each year Kelowna Christian School sends a team of grade 11 and 12 students to one of the children’s homes in Northern India. They learned shortly before going that the Home had a water crisis and after the team returned, they felt compelled to enter the challenge to create a sustainable development project for the $5,000 grant. The team of students worked closely with the staff at Child of Mine, the Home in India and community members both in Canada and India before presenting to a panel of judges made of business people from around Kelowna. Their efforts were outstanding and although they were not awarded the city grant, 3 generous sponsors saw their passion and the clear need that their project would fulfill at the Home and donated $10,000 to see it come to life! 

The new well was dug this spring and has already been a tremendous blessing! The Children’s Home is set in the foothills of the Himalayas and experiences heavy monsoon season through drought each year. Although they did have water cisterns to collect rain water during monsoon, they still always struggled to have enough water through the dry season. Water would have to be rationed for drinking, washing and fighting forest fires. In addition, the construction of a new boys dorm was started and construction requires water to mix all the concrete on site. 

Praise the Lord for the way that He provides! He worked through the lives of a group of high school students and generous donors to answer the faithful prayers of the His people in India. We are called to follow his promptings and invite others to participate in His great plan for their life. Thank you to all who faithfully stepped into this project together.

A note from the director of this children’s home:

We want to say a BIG THANK YOU to KCS students, Principal and teachers who have been a great help for the Home. We especially want to say a very special thanks to them who worked very hard and donors who have funded for the installation of Bore well! 

We have good water from the new BORE WELL! We do not need to depend much on our neighbour’s water source this summer because of the new well! Oh, what a great help! Although we still need to take around 5000 liters a day from our neighbour these days as we don’t get enough water from our original water source during summer, we do hope that we will be able to store from the new well before summer comes every year.

KCS and DONORS, what a blessing you have brought to the Home! How did you get the idea that you wanted to help get water! We could only say this is the marvellous work of God in you who knows exactly our need! Our words are inadequate to express how grateful we are to you all!

When you first asked us about the Bore well project , we were a little hesitate because the cost would be quite high and most of you are students, busy with your studies and stuff like that…but here we are with the new Bore Well with good water! We could not cease to thank and praise God because of you all! Our God is a God of impossible and a God of miracle! He can use any body to perform His miracle! Praise and glory to His name!

Getting ready for the BMO Fundraiser


 I have been a runner for many years and love being physically fit. Recently, I have found this discipline works well with my desire to help and encourage others. The Boys Dormitory Project provides much needed accommodation and is a very real and practical way to improve young lives. As I guide our team along a journey to the finish line, I can see that it gives them confidence to go beyond what they thought was possible. The individual activity of running becomes a team effort with a common goal. Together our small steps can make a world of difference in the lives of these children in northern India.

Al Gillespie


I’m a beginner recreational walker in support of the vision to construct a boys dormitory in northern India. As a team we enjoy the benefits of friendship and better health as we join Child of Mine to provide a new home for these children. I have found it to be personally invigorating and inspiring to help in this way.

Maryann M.


East Meets West Event Story

It’s beautiful to see what can be accomplished when many come together for one purpose. After meeting the staff and children in 2017, I couldn’t help but want to get more involved with COM. I was already a monthly partner, but I felt convicted to do more. The new boys’ dorm is a dream that the COM family has had for over ten years. When I discovered that the only thing standing between their dream and reality was finances, I convinced my friend that we could do more for our Indian family. On our own, we felt helplessly inadequate. With nothing really to offer other than our time and a heart to help, we decided to plan a fundraiser. Our goal was to raise awareness of COM with the hopes of cultivating partners to provide on-going support, but also to help raise funds to kick start the long awaited boys’ dorm project.

As we began to share our vision with those around us, we were blown away by the support that flooded in from places we never expected. We began to receive emails of things that were being checked off the to-do list without us even having to lift a finger. Before we knew it we had over 100 volunteers signed up to help with the event! Not to mention the incredible blessing of collaborating with the Sikh temple as they generously catered our event free of charge! In one evening, we raised 25% of the required funds for the boys’ dorm!

We were so incredibly encouraged by the willingness of others to step in and help wherever needed. And we are so thankful for the generosity of those who have contributed to the project. We were reminded that even without a multitude of resources, with a willing heart, great things can be accomplished. It is such a blessing to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We look forward to seeing what the future with COM has in store!

A Willow Park 2018 Trip Story

“Being part of the 2018 India Construction Team has changed my life.”  This statement may seem trite…unless you've experienced India. The time spent with the kids and staff at the home was inspiring and uplifting.  We can all learn much from their thankful and contentful attitudes.  I have made some life-long friends with team members, staff and kids as a result of this trip and am now considering a return trip in the next few years. The appreciation and hospitality of those at the home was both overwhelming and humbling. 

Child of Mine did a great job preparing our team for all aspects of the trip.  There is great satisfaction in seeing these tasks progress from fresh starts to beautifully completed projects.  Even though it was tough to leave those at the home,  the trip was entirely worthwhile.  If you go on one of these trips in the future, be prepared to leave a bit of your heart there.

Shane Holtslander

Learning from India: A SunRidge 2018 Trip Story

The airport doors open to India. The sun is barely up, the cool of the morning also heavy with humidity and the smokey heat of the city. Then from behind the glass of a bus window, which is noticeably more comfortable than most other busses on the road, you watch India continue to wake up. The cool in the air is now completely dried up by the heat of the day, the roads are now totally filled with varying forms of traffic, a thousand shop windows open, and the 23 Canadians inside the bus are silent with a tired and excited observation. 

We flew 14 hours from Vancouver to Delhi and then hopped in a bus for another 8 or so hours up to the mountains towards the Children’s home where we all met with the warmest welcome; the kind of welcome you might receive from an old friend. 

For the next few weeks, through projects and play, we had to privilege of doing life alongside people who live a very different life than what we are used to back in Canada. Whatever the differences were, it was amazing to see how people came together through language and cultural contrast. In the SunRidge Community Church team we had a hairdresser give staff and kids haircuts and teach kids how to cut hair. We had a Web Developer and musician play music with the kids and help out with some website issues. We had carpentry, drawing, and photography skills in our team all which were used in different ways to connect us to the home. We all felt so extremely privileged to build relationships with people at the home through whatever our craft or skills was. 

To work alongside staff and kids at the homes was not only an awesome way to connect but was so inspiring. The staff and the kids approach their work with a vigour and dedication that absolutely amazed us. We began asking them questions like ‘how do they stay energized for your work?’, and ‘what keeps you going when times get hard?’. They are passionate about raising the children well and are clear on their source of strength. 

It is by their example we return to Canada with a renewed strength and spirit. We go back to whatever our work here is with the motivation to make a difference and a deep gratitude for the many lessons we learned from both the kids and the staff of the children’s home.

Education is Opening Doors

Education is Opening Doors

In light of this vision, Child of Mine wants to ensure each child has the opportunity to participate in post secondary education. Upon completion of their program the child is able to enter life beyond the home with a higher education. This opens the door to finding a career that will help to set them up for a successful life; one without the poverty they once knew.

Moving Out & Moving On

Moving Out & Moving On

Every parent feels a sense of pride when they see their children making their way in the world. What a beautiful thing it is for us as Child of Mine partners to share in this experience with our extended family at Shanti Niketan and Dar-Ul-Fazl! In grade 10 the students look to the future as they engage with our Two-Plus-Two program.

During this time they begin to think about what they will do and how life will work when they move into a more independent phase of their life. Two-Plus-Two provides the opportunity to mentor and equip students two years before they graduate and walk with them for two years after.

Another grad success story!

Another grad success story!

The spring brings exam season for the students of Dar-Ul-Fazl and Shanti Niketan.  The students are focused and study very hard in order to do well on their exams. Two students at Dar-Ul-Fazl, Thinless Angmo and Tsering Youtol have graduated from their post secondary program in General Nursing and Midwifery.  A big congratulations to them as they worked hard over the years to finish their program!