Boys Dorm

Funds Raised through the BMO Marathon Team!

Team Child of Mine competed on May 5 to raise funds for the new boy’s dormitory at one of the homes in India. A total of 23 runners and walkers were entered in either the 8Km, 21Km or 42Km race. The team had been training since January and were welcomed with perfect temperatures as they traversed Vancouver streets and Stanley Park. They came from Willow Park Church in Kelowna, Willingdon Church in Burnaby and Mike Gunn came all the way from India! 

The journey from start to finish resulted in some sore muscles but also much satisfaction in being part of a project which will have a lasting impact long into the future. And there are life lessons to be learned from pushing beyond what you think you can do. All competitors dug deep to find an extra bit of strength and endurance on race day and also during the cold and snowy training days.

Each team member challenged friends and family to be a part of the project by donating to the dormitory construction. A total of $35,000 has been raised this year! Thanks be to God and all those who gave from their hearts because they want to make a difference in India.

- Al Gillespie


East Meets West Event Story

It’s beautiful to see what can be accomplished when many come together for one purpose. After meeting the staff and children in 2017, I couldn’t help but want to get more involved with COM. I was already a monthly partner, but I felt convicted to do more. The new boys’ dorm is a dream that the COM family has had for over ten years. When I discovered that the only thing standing between their dream and reality was finances, I convinced my friend that we could do more for our Indian family. On our own, we felt helplessly inadequate. With nothing really to offer other than our time and a heart to help, we decided to plan a fundraiser. Our goal was to raise awareness of COM with the hopes of cultivating partners to provide on-going support, but also to help raise funds to kick start the long awaited boys’ dorm project.

As we began to share our vision with those around us, we were blown away by the support that flooded in from places we never expected. We began to receive emails of things that were being checked off the to-do list without us even having to lift a finger. Before we knew it we had over 100 volunteers signed up to help with the event! Not to mention the incredible blessing of collaborating with the Sikh temple as they generously catered our event free of charge! In one evening, we raised 25% of the required funds for the boys’ dorm!

We were so incredibly encouraged by the willingness of others to step in and help wherever needed. And we are so thankful for the generosity of those who have contributed to the project. We were reminded that even without a multitude of resources, with a willing heart, great things can be accomplished. It is such a blessing to be a part of something bigger than ourselves. We look forward to seeing what the future with COM has in store!