Getting ready for the BMO Fundraiser


 I have been a runner for many years and love being physically fit. Recently, I have found this discipline works well with my desire to help and encourage others. The Boys Dormitory Project provides much needed accommodation and is a very real and practical way to improve young lives. As I guide our team along a journey to the finish line, I can see that it gives them confidence to go beyond what they thought was possible. The individual activity of running becomes a team effort with a common goal. Together our small steps can make a world of difference in the lives of these children in northern India.

Al Gillespie


Iā€™m a beginner recreational walker in support of the vision to construct a boys dormitory in northern India. As a team we enjoy the benefits of friendship and better health as we join Child of Mine to provide a new home for these children. I have found it to be personally invigorating and inspiring to help in this way.

Maryann M.