We invest in the lives of children from desperate situations, developing leaders to love and serve India.

We are a charitable society from Canada partnering with children’s homes in India. We are called to come alongside the homes in such a way that we can bring value to their vision; raising future leaders to love and serve India.


01/ Construction Trips

Every year we send teams to India to help with practical tasks, to run camps for the kids, and to support the staff and resource the grads in cities across north India. Have a look below for just some of the past and upcoming projects.

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02/ Post Secondary Initiative

There are 25-30 students attending post secondary education any given year. Child of Mine is wanting to ensure that each graduate of the homes in India receive the financial support to develop their career.

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The Child of Mine Story

In 2005, an exploratory team from a church in Kelowna travelled to India and among the various projects they visited, were struck by the passionate and faithful vision of the two children’s homes…

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