We are a charitable organization from Canada partnering with children’s homes in India. We are called to come alongside the homes in such a way that we can bring value to their vision; raising future leaders to love and serve India.

Our purpose is to ensure this vision is carried out by raising support internationally, providing resources and meaningful partnerships with individuals and organizations, and to encourage and foster local self sustainability


The Canadian Team

Meet the passionate and faithful members of our Canadian team who help raise awarness and resources to support the incredible work of the homes in India.


Gary Falk


Nathania Sharp
Operations Coordinator


James Peters
Board Member


Chad McDonald
Board Member


Mike Klassen
Board Member


Megan Tweedy
Board Member


Brad Gay
Board Member


Laura Colley
Board Member

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Alecia Dyck


We invest in the lives of children through:


Crystalizing awareness of the needs of the desperate children in north India with individuals and organizations in Canada and in India to create a call to support them with finances, resources, and mentorship

Raising support and awareness for the homes and providing staff with encouragement through visiting, community, and training

Securing ongoing funding to guarantee the sustainability of the vision:
- to fulfill the needs of daily life for the homes
- for post-secondary education of the students
- to maintain a safe and healthy environment for the staff and children at each home

Providing training for students to be successfully integrated into society

Supporting good, clear and transparent governance and leadership at each home

Seeking a caring infrastructure for the staff that promotes longevity in their roles

Maintaining open and honest two-way communication between the homes and the Child of Mine board, staff and volunteers

Providing  leadership training and coaching


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