Moving Out & Moving On

Every parent feels a sense of pride when they see their children making their way in the world. What a beautiful thing it is for us as Child of Mine partners to share in this experience with our extended family at the Homes! In grade 10 the students look to the future as they engage with our Two-Plus-Two program.

During this time they begin to think about what they will do and how life will work when they move into a more independent phase of their life. Two-Plus-Two provides the opportunity to mentor and equip students two years before they graduate and walk with them for two years after.

Our Two-Plus-Two leaders have received invaluable support in this endeavour and we are pleased to see how it has come to life and is being shaped to meet the needs of the children who are preparing to 'leave the nest'. Please think of the teens and young adults who are in this shaping and essential process, as it is such a critical, decision making time in their life.

In addition, Child of Mine partners send many of these students on to further education. A portion of your monthly partnership goes to University and Trade School fees and pays for housing and and living expenses while they are studying.

At this time Child of Mine faces a unique and wonderful challenge. This last year has seen an unprecedented rate of successful graduates emerge from the homes! It is important for Child of Mine to continue funding the post secondary education as it is our desire to help members of our extended family move towards a stable and self-supported future. Not only that, but we are seeing many of the alumni give back to the homes with their time, talents and treasures to help raise up the next generation at the Homes.  That's incredibly encouraging to see!

There's much to be done as we move forward, but we remain confident that for the children of the Homes, there is hope!

-Teresa, Child of Mine Partner