A young fashion stylist from Delhi journeys back to face her uncomfortable—and secret—past as an orphan.



Mia reveals the story of a young fashion stylist from Delhi determined to be more than the life she was born into. One of India’s 20 million orphans, Mia keeps her past a secret. Abandoned by her mother and raised at a children’s home, the film follows Mia’s growing unease as she journeys back to her roots. Face to face with uncomfortable truths, her confident exterior is challenged as she journeys back to the places she once called “home”.


About Mia

From a young age Mia knew she was not the same as others. Rebellious, wired different, and hungry to get out into the world, Mia did not fit the mold of a demure, submissive Indian teenage girl. In her day-to-day life, Mia is blazing a trail in the fashion scene and wrestling with friendships, faith, and a birth family in a world far away from her current reality. But Mia’s journey presents more questions than answers, chiefly how can children’s homes in India prepare their graduates to be successful in the world beyond the safety of their upbringing?


The 2+2 Initiative

In making this film, it became clear there was a deep need for a program to address the emotional and spiritual needs of graduates as they exited the safety of the children’s home and headed into the great wide world on their own. The 2+2 Initiative focuses on equipping students for life beyond the homes and strengthening the family relationships they have already established. Click here to learn more and to see its success.


This film was produced by Transposition Films and Storyspark, and is currently being shown in various locations and film festivals across Canada. To request a showing or to learn more about the film, please email : info@tfilms.co

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Shot on location in Ladakh, Manali, Varanasi, Amritsar and New Delhi

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