For more than two decades the Children’s Homes made ends meet with some basic sponsorships, acquired through a couple of key organizations. In 2004, these organizations gave notice that they could no longer sponsor the program, leaving the children, staff and vision with a grim future. The staff and children dreamed of the day they would be provided a partner that would not only allow them to survive but also share their vision. For almost a decade, Child of Mine has been the sole, primary support network for these homes and their children.


By partnering THROUGH MONTHLY DONATIONS with Child of Mine and the vision of these Homes, you are MORE THAN simply a “sponsor.” You are adding value to the holistic efforts of the Homes in equipping these children TO LOVE AND SERVE INDIA.

Your monthly partnership enables us to:

  • Feed, clothe and educate the children
  • Repair, maintain, and improve living conditions
  • Provide post-secondary options for the older children
  • Develop and train staff
  • Plan for long-term development of the homes
  • Build strategic partnerships with other organizations to benefit the overall vision


Your donation allows us facilitate successful and meaningful operations of the children's homes as well as the work among graduates and post-secondary students who have left the homes and are living in the cities of North India

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Become part of the Child of Mine family! We would love you to connect with a child at one of the homes, receive a prayer card, newsletters, stories, regular updates and to have a chance to pray for your partner child. Join now and change a life!

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