As part of our holistic partnership in India, we believe that we need to encourage and support our young adults through financing post secondary education but also helping to equip them for being all that they are called to be.

2+2 education initiative is a Child of Mine program that is designed to equip senior students from our supported homes with skills that will enable them to prepare for life outside the home and to thrive in a supported community of peers and mentors once they are living away in school or for work. The premise is simple; two years of instruction while still living in the home, plus two years of mentorship once they move on.

The students prepare for the program in class 10 as they are making education choices which will determine the occupation path they perceive to be most suited for them.

In class 11 and 12 they are led in courses and workshops in career planning, life choices, finance and holistic growth.

Upon leaving the home the freshman program includes developing and maintaining holistic disciplines, making healthy life style choices, working towards growth in maturity, and becoming part of a community in a work, school and social setting.  Discernment and developing leadership skills is also a focus. 

The program enjoys great success and is an anticipated part of the culture of our children’s homes. The desire is to have the children’s walk align with our continued vision of raising leaders to love and serve India.